Arabic / 1,54 m / gray

Born in 2004

Genetic Index: +17

CD: 0.75

IRE: 124

Melfik daughter of Alauze and Djelia by Zulus
Performance: Qualified in IEC ** (130 km).

His products :

JACK DES AUBEPINES , born in 2019, son of Bekam de Piboul

IPOP DES AUBEPINES , born in 2018, son of Qatari Larzac

HAMLET DES AUBEPINES, born in 2017, son of Bekam de Piboul

GIVE ME DES AUBEPINES, born in 2016, daughter of Bekam de Piboul

FELINE DES AUBEPINES, born in 2015, daughter of Seaukoa

ELKOA DES AUBEPINES , born in 2014, son of Seaukoa

Haras Des Aubepines

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