Arabic / 1,53m / gray trout

Born in 2005

Genetic Index: +15

CD: 0.23

SCID NN (non-carrier)

CA Nn (healthy carrier)

Her father, Zadie d’Espens, has given her products a heart recovery and a metabolism that are well established. Father of endurance performers such as: Tazibus, Tarathata, One Night’s Radja, Ramaadi The Majorie, Tabriz The Majorie, Qamiska The Majorie, Razali The Majorie, Rihla The Majorie …

His mother, Rih El Shams, by his line Egyptian, allows to bring a new stream of blood to your breeding.

Rhamszadie, the only son of Zadie d’Espens, is a compact, well-traveled horse with bone. His cardiac recovery tested is consistent with his father’s products.

He has already bred more than 40 mares since 2006.

Available at Haras des Aubépines en « Monte en main » for the 2019 season.

Haras Des Aubepines

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