Arabic / 1.60 m / chestnut

Born in 2006

Performance: In Endurance, 2nd on 90 km in Champclauson in 2012, 2nd on 90 km in Pamier in 2013, and winning IEC * at 19.5 km / h in 2013 and exported. Seaukoa is also performing in flat racing with a victory in Wolvehampton over 1800m.

Seaukoa comes from one of the old French strains of Sport

His bass strain Quitaine, an old line of Pompadour, produced as well in Races as in Endurance. She gave very good breeding. We can quote: Nuit St Georges; Njewman, Cherifien, Jaman, Tornado de Syrah for the race and Bamboulla (winner at Compiègne, St Galmier, Badajoz), Al Shamse des Khas (winner at Rambouillet, silver medal with the French team at the Kansas World Championship ), Mousseline (winner at Compiègne) …

Seaukoa has an exceptional cardiac recovery. He is a stallion with a very tight back, his feet are very correct and he is tall without being too heavy.

His first products are 5 years old, they are very well made and very tonic with powerful rumps and a good top line. Very good characters too.

He has already bred more than 50 mares since 2011.

Available at Haras des Aubépines in IAC for the 2020 season.

Haras Des Aubepines

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