Arabic / 1.65 m / chestnut

Born in 2000

SCID NN (non-carrier)

CA Nn (healthy carrier)

His strengths: size, heart, courage at work.

Skikman is a horse with an excellent character with a winning mind at work.

Performance : Qualified on 60 km with a very good recovery.

His father, Octavius is no longer present: former national stallion, he was performing in flat racing and is also labeled DRE **** thanks to its products including Ukraine Losser **** (4 wins including Montcuq) , Nabath **** (vice-champion of Europe and many top ten), Africa Kermenguy ***, Dieldika Hipolyte (winner Argentan 2012, 2nd in Rambouillet CEI **) …

His mother Skikda is labeled DRE ***. She also produced Griska from Cayrou ** and Sandy from Cayrou.

The first Skikman products are 5 years old. They are very tall. They are classy, of a solid model, with bone, while keeping a rather fine musculature. Super mind.

He has already seen more than 45 mares since 2009 in France.

Available at Haras des Aubépines in IAC only for the 2020 season

Haras Des Aubepines

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